Bags for Boats, Riggers, Sculls and Wing Riggers

Rowperfect is the UK representative for Burnham Boat Company who make the best-known padded and ultra-violet (UV) light resistant fabric bags for storing rowing and sculling equipment.  Their range includes bags for single sculls, double sculls, carbon riggers, wing riggers (1 and 2 rigger bags),

The bags for riggers (wings and carbon) and sculling oars are one standard size.  Rigger bags for wings and collapsible carbon are made of Sunbrella; rigger bags for non-collapsible carbon riggers are triangular and made of nylon.  The oar and scull bags are made of Sunbrella. Large boat bags are made of nylon; small boat (1x, 2x) bags are made of Sunbrella.

The bags for boats are custom made to measure and give a perfect fit for your boat design.  Burnham have the ‘patterns’ for many boat types on file. This necessitates accurate measurements.  We have template designs for many boat builders including BBG, Carl Douglas, Empacher, Fluidesigns, Fillippi, Hudson, Janousek, Staempfli, Sykes, Vespoli, Win Tech.  Boat sizes vary by year of manufacture, hull shape and boat weight.

When ordering, please specify your boat year of manufacture, hull design and weight of athlete it is designed for.

If we don’t have your boat design pattern on file, you can measure your boat up using one of the template instruction guides below and send us your measurements. Delivery times vary from 4-6 weeks as each is made to order.


Colours for boat Bags
Colours for boat Bags

Sunbrella – Sunbrella is the number one marine fabric. The rich colors are solution dyed so they can’t wash out. Plus, they resist fading and remain beautiful for many years. Sunbrella is breathable, water repellent, mildew and UV resistant. It carries a five year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Cordura® – 1000 Denier super tough woven DuPont high tenacity nylon with (1) ounce urethane coating for durability and water repellency. Excellent resistance to abrasion, fading, rot and mildew.  Water repellent and quick drying. High tensile strength and tear resistance. Made in USA.

Nylon® – Durable water repellent 430 Denier Nylon Pack cloth with (1) ounce urethane coating. Lightweight, long-lasting, easy to maintain.

Boat bag colours
Boat bag colours

Colours: Sunbrella, Nylon or Cordura.  All colours are available in all fabric types.  The colours are very close but appear slightly different because one is a canvas and one a nylon.

  • Light colours: Natural off white; silver, light grey, khaki, light blue
  • Mid colours: Yellow, orange, red, marine blue, bright pink, moss green
  • Dark colours: Forest green, purple, navy blue, black.


Single Scull boat bags

Single Scull boat bag
Single Scull boat bag

Boat Cover for single scull (1x) with full length zip with padded lining.   Made from UV resistant Sunbrella fabric.

These bags are designed to be used while the boat is either rigged or un-rigged.  It has velcro to join the sides around the rigger stays.  Perfect for boats stored outdoors. Each cover has integral red flag on stern for use when trailering. You can also buy the boat designer’s logo added to the bag and your name or initials embroidered onto the bag.

The bag perfectly fits your boat and so a wing rigger boat is designed differently from a conventional rigger boat. Buy Single Scull Boat cover

Measurement guidelines for single scull boat bags

Tips on how to measure from a customer

We found the easiest way was to take masking tape and a tape measure to the boat and then calculate and note the 16″ intervals to take the circumferences with a dressmaking tape measure.  And for the other measurements we put masking tape across the boat with a mark in pencil for the point we used to measure the cockpit.

Stay 1x measurement chart and Wing 1x measurement chart.

Before measuring your boat please check with us whether your boat design is already in our known pattern list.


Rigger bags

Triangular Rigger bags for 2-stay (non-collapsing) sculling rigger – the picture shows the extra layer of padding on interior as separator between the two riggers.  Buy Bag for 2/3 stay riggers.

Wing rigger bag
Triangular Rigger Bag showing inner liner
Rigger Bag showing inner liner
Two and three stay rigger bag
Two and three stay rigger bag

Wing Rigger bag for carrying and storing scull wing riggers.

Buy wing rigger bag to fit 1 wing .




Rigger Bag
Sweep Rigger Bag

Sweep Rigger Bag for keeping your sweep wing riggers covered and protected. For up to 4 riggers.

Buy sweep rigger bag for 4 wiggers.


Scull oar bags

Full length padded bag for storing and carrying sculls. Includes a nylon zip down the full length of the bag for easy access and is made of Sunbrella UV-resistant fabric.  Choose your colour from the range above.

It has a quilted inner divider around the spoons to keep each scull separated and velcro internal straps to hold the shafts in place.

Add your name or initials or the manufacturer’s logo panel.

Oar bag easy to carry
Oar bag easy to carry






Padded scull bag with carrying handle. Buy scull bag now.



21 thoughts on “Bags for Boats, Riggers, Sculls and Wing Riggers

  1. karen says:

    I have a wooden George Sims single and am keen to get a cover for it. What would you recommend and how much roughly would one cost?

  2. allan watt says:


    I have a Carl Douglas Single (90kg) made in 1994 and a Carl Douglas double (83kg) made in 2002. Do you have templates for these boats and how much would boat bags cost for them.


    Allan Watt

  3. PAUL NEWLAND says:

    Would you have the patterns to make a boat bag for an Ocean Kyak Malibu 2, and a Ocean kyak Caper. Can you please give me an indication of the price per bag also.
    Best regards

    Paul Newland

    • Rebecca Caroe says:

      Paul, we’d have to get the exact measurements from you because I have never been asked for these designs before. Download our measurement chart here.
      I am guessing a kyak is smaller in length than a single scull so the price will be similar to those quoted in the shop for single sculls. We’d be able to get you a firm price after you send us the measurements from the manufacturer.
      Rebecca Caroe

  4. John says:

    Does the boat need to be dry before being put in a boat bag? The boat is currently stored outside but hopefully that will change soon.

    • Rebecca Caroe says:

      No it doesn’t need to be dry, but it is a good idea to keep a towel on the boat and towel off excess moisture after your row. It doesn’t need to be bone dry, John.

  5. Johnson says:

    I am interested in buying a rowing bag for my Swift single that is racked outside so it needs it to be waterproof and durable? Do you have a template for Swift singles and if so can you give me an idea of the cost please? Mags

    • Rebecca Caroe says:

      Mags – we need the hull shape and the athlete weight (as these change the size of the bag) and so please send them through to us and we will check our patterns to see if we have got it already on file. If not, there’s a measuring chart for you to download and fill in with the precise measurements for your boat.

  6. Lebohang Mashigo says:

    Good day
    May i please get a quotation for boat covers for the following boats:
    1) Filippi double scull
    2) Hudson double scull
    3) Stampfli double scull
    4) Filippi single scull

    • Tom Wall says:

      Thank you for your message regarding boat covers. There are many different manufacturers and models of covers, we can supply on request however we recommend Burnham boat bags, these are not the cheapest but they are widely regarded as the best. They make a wide range of bags and can be viewed and specified here:
      You will need to have the following details of each boat:
      Make, model, age, crew weight, rigger type
      Once you have decided on the specification of the bag let me know and I will formulate a quote for each.
      Regards Gary

  7. Jacob says:

    For a wooden scull, where are boat bags best used or not used? I like the idea of my boat having some protection while driving. Though am wondering about whether, if it is stored for periods indoors, it is ok to leave the bag on – or best taken off.

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