1- and 2-day rowing expeditions on the Thames (UK) with Paddleducks Rowing

Our brand-new boat’s called Jemima, of course

Long-distance, “expedition” rowing is perfect for rowers who like a challenge, and want to do something different with their rowing. It’s wildly popular on the continent – British rowers have been missing out, but not any longer!

Paddleducks Rowing offers rowing expeditions on the Thames and beyond in a touring coxed quad – and they’ll even provide a (very experienced) cox if you need one. It’s all on a pay-as-you-row basis: no trailing involved!

Row through locks, past Windsor Castle, look out for wildlife, and ogle the millionaires’ riverside properties.

Find out more at http://www.paddleducksrowing.co.uk/come-rowing/expeditions/ and for more on expedition rowing in general, visit https://expeditionrowing.blogspot.co.uk

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