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How much does a second hand single scull cost?

The answer is anything from £400 to upwards of £5,000.  It depends on age and condition of the boat. In the UK here are great websites where you can buy and sell rowing single sculls Sculling Boat Sales – the professional buyers and sellers of singles in the UK.  Ric Colborne knows what every brand is worth [...]

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Jim Joy’s latest book Coaching rowing for “Flow”

Hanlan’s Spirit - training for flow book by Jim Joy is now listed for sale in the Rowperfect shop.  Or buy both and save! This book’s importance is the connection between training the body and training the mind. don’t be deceive by the title – although Jimmy Joy has written it in the spirit of Ned Hanlan [...]

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An Introduction to Core Strength for Rowing – Dynamic Exercises (with Videos)

My previous article gave an introduction to the Static Exercises used to build core strength and stability. Dynamic exercises take core strength to a new level, bringing in movement to strengthen the range of muscle movement and creating imbalance to challenge the athlete to work in the correct position. Dynamic Core Exercises Dynamic core exercises [...]

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An Introduction to Core Strength for Rowing – Static Exercises

In the last decade ‘core’ has been one of the biggest buzz-words in sport. Having a strong core is reported to improve performance in almost every sport. So what’s it all about and how do we take advantage of this as rowers? What is the ‘Core’? Major muscles included are the pelvic floor muscles, transversus abdominis, multifidus, internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, erector [...]

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