Coaching rowing using the Rowperfect machine

By Rebecca Caroe

I coach junior athletes rowing extensively using our two Rowperfect machines, I would be grateful for further advice on the following four aspects of using the Rowperfect machines for coaching:- 1 – do you have a book or pamphlet on coaching sculling / rowing using the Rowperfect machine. 2 – How do you save a […]

Want a monthly rowing coach clinic?

By Rebecca Caroe

Paul wrote to us I’ve been listening to the RowingChat podcasts for over a year.  They’re wonderful!  It’s like attending a monthly coaching clinic.  I finally joined the email list. Thanks for doing this, Paul So there’s your answer – if you want a monthly rowing and sculling coaching clinic, listen to the RowingChat our […]

Mirrors improve your technique on the Ergo!

By Amanda Wikstrom

Decent Rowing is a leading website for Rowing Technique Videos and have recently published this great little clip.  Please send the link round to your club coaching team. Improve your rowing technique One of the most useful tool athletes and coaches have for education is the ergo. It is stable and convenient and much easier to educate […]

Is Sport Elitist?

By Duncan Holland

We have just seen the usual flurry of reportage, analysis and comment about the Boat Race.  I decline to call it the BNY Mellon Boat Race, which is probably a failure in etiquette, but I do intend to add my might to the outpourings from scribes around the world about this unique and fascinating race.  […]

Does size matter? & How I choose a coxswain.

By Duncan Holland

Selecting which rowers to put in a crew is a difficult and stressful task.  Choosing which cox to put in the crew is often more difficult. With rowers, a coach has access to large amounts of more or less objective data.  There are a series of maximum ergometer test scores backed up by lots of […]

Rowperfect 2013 Rowing Survey Results

By Jonathan Malcolm Lewis

Thank you to all who participated! Although we all come from different rowing backgrounds it’s nice (and somewhat frightening) to see we all have similar struggles and feelings towards our beloved sport of rowing! The summary results are in the slideshow at the bottom of the page.   Question 1: If you could make one change […]