Gloves for rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

Diehards won’t use gloves – but anyone who has suffered the agony of deep blisters will appreciate these rowing gloves. Designed with rowing in mind the elasticated fingers allow knuckle bend and the textured palm is for your feathering hand. Take a detailed look at the full range.

Can fat women row?

By Rebecca Caroe

The hoo ha over the front cover model of Womens Running magazine beggars belief.  BBC asks can you be fat and fit?  Well, doh, of course…. How dumb are these journalists? Rowing is the perfect sport for the over-weight Because your body mass is supported by the boat, it enables everyone to move at the ‘same […]

Canada Rowing goes long on socks

By Rebecca Caroe

From now until the start of the 2015 World Rowing Championships on August 30, purchase a Canada Compression Sock*, enter a special promo code and receive a 10% discount on your entire 2XU online purchase!  All from the Canadian 2XU site. Here’s the code and how to redeem. These are surely the most stylish rowing socks […]

Calling Women Athletes retiring from sport

By Rebecca Caroe

Ernst and Young (EY) runs the Women Athletes Business Network – each year they take on a small group of athletes retiring from competitive sport and give them mentors to help transition into work. This year’s intake applications deadline is 2 August Looking to reach your leadership potential after sport? Don’t miss the opportunity to […]

Monthly Prize Draw

By Theo

Each month subscribers to the Rowperfect newsletter are included in a free prize draw to win one of our products. This month (July) the prize is a Citius-Remex Seat Pad From expert rowing coach – John Faulkner Winner is …. The winner is Victoria Lindsay and we’ve emailed to ask you to get in touch and let us […]

Select Performance Consulting Experiences


In my previous post, I have highlighted that coaches – interested in optimising their athletes’ performance – ought to consider the interaction of the person, task and setting when determining instructional and practice strategies for a given situation. This week, I wish to share professional experiences from working with performers at different levels in their […]

No Spare Kit

By Grainne

Conversation as we drove to Elk Lake for the 12 year old’s rowing camp this morning “Have you packed spare kit?” “No, I’m not going to flip” “There’s always a first time” “I haven’t flipped yet” “You’ve been rowing 6 days” Conversation as we drove away from Elk Lake this afternoon “How was rowing camp?” Her […]

The Psychology of Rowing: Gaining that Mental Edge

By Stella Celosia

There aren’t many other sports that require such a sharp psychological edge as rowing. It’s a grueling sport, a competitive, goal-orientated sport than can break even the strongest athletes. “Rowing for the individual, is more or less, a process of continual warfare between the lower or psychological and the higher and psychological functions; it consists […]