What to get your rowing boyfriend for Valentines Day

By Rebecca Caroe

Lots of lovers are athletes and for the rower, sculler or coxswain in your life, here are our top 3 recommendations of Valentines Day Gifts for Rowers. The Coxmate GPS – a seriously generous gift that we guarantee he (or she) will use every time they go rowing.  Speed and distance measurement, picks up heart rate […]


Rowperfect Sponsors Women’s Eights Head

By Jeremy Peskey

The Women’s Eights Head of the River Race (WEHORR) 2016 is almost upon us and this year, Rowperfect are proud to be right at the heart of the action, giving you the chance to win a COXMATE GPS! Register for the Women’s Eights The Women’s Eights Head of the River Race founded in the 1930s with 5 […]

Coxmate GPS what's in the box

How are athletes using Coxmate GPS?

By Rebecca Caroe

I was interested to hear if you had any reviews of the Coxmate GPS? It looks a good product, do you know how anyone is getting on with it? Coxmate GPS Reviews There are several reviews – from our own website Coxmate GPS Review by Tom Carter From the manufacturer’s website Coxmate GPS a hit […]

Stock Clearance of The Cox Guide products

By Rebecca Caroe

We are not going to be restocking the Cox Guide set of products by George Kirschbaum Down and Dirty Guide to Coxing  – the book that explains coxing from beginner to advanced (5 in stock) Coxing Drill Card – laminated to take in the boat (7 in stock) Coxswain Audio recordings – hear experts and learn by listening (6 […]

Rowing Injury Prevention Series: Snapping Hip Syndrome

By StrengthCoachWill

This article is Part 4 of the Rowing Injury Prevention Series. This series of articles will take us right up to February 14th when the three of us will be featured on “RowingChat” right here on Rowperfect. These resources are presented to help you learn the specifics of strength training for rowing to improve performance and enjoy a […]

Monthly Prize Draw

By Theo

Each month subscribers to the Rowperfect newsletter are included in a free prize draw to win one of our products. This month (January) the prize is the Skillful Rowing book by Marlene Royle The winner was to be William Manning from Princeton USA. But he already has a copy and has kindly asked us to re-draw […]

How to build fitness for rowing and tennis

By Rebecca Caroe

I am 16 and training to improve my fitness levels for rowing. I have been training for tennis and would like to know what to do to include fitness training for rowing too. Great question. Many people do multiple sports so can you double up on training to benefit both? So the number one difference between […]

Does the Pro-W cushioned Rowing Seat need tape?

By Rebecca Caroe

Hello, I have a question on the ProW rowing seat. Does this seat need to be taped to the Concept2 as well or just when I’m in the boat? And if so- does it actually have to be taped or will it pretty much stay in place? I can tell you about my own experiences […]